Tormos is a small village and municipality in the Valencian region of Spain. It is in the province of Alicante and is located in the Costa Blanca region. Tormos is built on a mountainous terrain and is known for its natural beauty and traditional Spanish village atmosphere.

Tormos is a village characterised by its historical background and traditional architecture. The narrow streets, whitewashed houses and balconies decorated with flowers represent a typical Spanish village. The church and the square in the centre of the village are the places where social events and festivals are held.

The natural beauty of the area also makes Tormos attractive. The surrounding valleys, mountains and countryside are ideal for hiking, cycling and extreme sports. It is also close to the Jalon Valley, famous for its wine production.

Tormos is a village offering a quiet and peaceful environment. Visitors can experience the traditional Spanish way of life, taste delicious food in the local restaurants and discover the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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