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Alanya is one of the popular holiday resorts in Turkey and attracts many tourists every year. If you are planning a long or short stay in Alanya, it is important to find a good quality apartment that fits your budget. In this article, I will give you information about cheap apartments for rent in Alanya that suit me.

1. Use Listing Sites

There are many advertisement sites for apartments for rent in Alanya. On these sites, you can search for apartments that fit your budget and compare prices. Some popular advertisement sites include Sahibinden, Hürriyet Emlak and Milliyet Emlak. By using the filtering options on these sites, you can see the apartments in the price range you want.

2. Get Help from Real Estate Agents

There are many real estate agents in Alanya and they can help you find apartments that fit your budget. Real estate agents usually know the market well and can offer you the most suitable options. You can also see photos and details of the apartments through real estate agents. It is important to contact the real estate agents, ask about the apartments that fit your budget and ask for an appointment.

3. Research Neighborhoods

There are apartments in different price ranges in different neighborhoods in Alanya. For example, while apartments in the center of Alanya can often be more expensive, you can find more affordable apartments in neighborhoods far from the center. Therefore, it is important to consider different neighborhoods when searching for apartments that fit your budget.

4. Consider Long-Term Rental Apartments

Long-term rental apartments in Alanya can often be more affordable. If you are going to stay in Alanya for a long time, you may want to consider long term rentals. Long-term rentals usually have a lower monthly rent and may offer some additional benefits.

5. Consider Apartment Sharing Option

Another option is to share an apartment. There are many people who share apartments in Alanya and this way you can both reduce your rental costs and meet new people. If you want to share an apartment, you can find advertisements of people looking for flat mates on advertisement sites or social media groups.

You can use the above methods to find a budget and quality apartment in Alanya. You can find an apartment that suits your budget by following the advertisement sites, getting help from real estate agents, researching different neighborhoods, evaluating long-term rental apartments or considering the apartment sharing option. Remember, it is possible to find budget apartments in Alanya!

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