Indulge in Luxury: Discovering the Top 5 Star Hotels in Avsallar

Hotels in Avsallar

Indulge in Luxury: Discovering the Top 5 Star Hotels in Avsallar

Hotels in Avsallar set the stage for a luxurious escape, inviting you to discover opulence like never before. Embark on a journey of luxury in Avsallar as you uncover the delights of the region’s top 5 star hotels in avsallar. After a day of exploration, treat your taste buds at one of the finest restaurants before nestling into the lavish comfort of your hotel bed adorned with soft towels.

1. White City Resort Hotel

  • A luxurious beachfront hotel with a spa near Sealanya.
  • Features 3 restaurants, 3 bars/lounges, a pool, night club, and a health club.

2. Granada Luxury Beach – All Inclusive Hotels in Avsallar 

The Top 5 Star Hotels In Avsallar

  • A luxurious beachfront hotel with a poolside bar.
  • Boasts 5 bar/lounges, a pool, sauna, gym, and a restaurant.

3. Azura Deluxe Resort & Spa | Top 5 Star Hotels in Avsallar 

  • A beachfront hotel in Alanya with 2 outdoor pools and private beach facilities.
  • Offers 4 restaurants, 5 bars/lounges, a night club, seasonal outdoor pool, and sauna.

4. AQI Pegasos Resort – All Inclusive

  • A beachfront hotel in Alanya with 2 bars/lounges and private beach facilities.
  • Includes 3 restaurants, a night club, seasonal outdoor pool, hairdresser, and a hammam.

5. My Home Resort – All Inclusive

  • Features 3 bars/lounges, a seasonal outdoor pool, sauna, and complimentary breakfast.

What to See and Do in Avsallar?

While the center of Avsallar may not host numerous popular attractions, the surrounding areas offer delightful spots to explore:

  • Water Planet Aquapark (8.3 km): Dive into aquatic fun and excitement.
  • Sealanya (3.7 km): Experience the wonders of this captivating marine park.
  • Alara Grand Bazaar Shopping Centre (9.1 km): Indulge in a shopping spree at this vibrant marketplace.
  • Konakli Mosque (9.5 km): Discover the architectural beauty of this historic mosque.
  • Konakli Clock Tower Square (9.5 km): Immerse yourself in the charm of this bustling square.
  • Alara Khan and Alara Castle (8.7 km): Uncover the historical significance of this ancient castle.
  • Şarapsa (Serapsu) Han (10 km): Explore the cultural richness of this prominent site.
  • Alaettinoglu Culture Park (11.5 km): Take a leisurely stroll in this serene cultural park.

Avsallar invites you to a perfect blend of luxury and exploration. Indulge in the grandeur of these exquisite hotels, promising not just relaxation but also a taste of the region’s rich history and vibrant surroundings. Book your stay now for an unparalleled experience!

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