Sherbrooke Village

Sherbrooke Village is a living history museum located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is situated along the picturesque St. Mary’s River and offers visitors a glimpse into the 19th-century life in rural Nova Scotia.

The village showcases over 25 historic buildings that have been carefully restored to their original appearance. As you walk through the village, you’ll see period-appropriate homes, a blacksmith shop, a print shop, a schoolhouse, a woodworking shop, and more. Each building is staffed with costumed interpreters who demonstrate traditional skills and engage visitors in interactive experiences.

One of the highlights of Sherbrooke Village is its immersive nature. Visitors can explore the interiors of the buildings, interact with the interpreters, and even participate in hands-on activities such as woodworking, spinning, and butter making. This allows visitors to truly step back in time and experience what life was like in a 19th-century Nova Scotian village.

In addition to the historic buildings, Sherbrooke Village also features beautiful gardens, walking trails, and picnic areas. There is a gift shop where you can purchase locally made crafts and souvenirs, as well as a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Nova Scotian cuisine.

Throughout the year, Sherbrooke Village hosts special events and festivals that celebrate different aspects of Nova Scotian heritage, such as the Highland Village Day, Canada Day celebrations, and the Christmas Candlelight Walk. These events offer additional opportunities for visitors to engage with the history, culture, and traditions of the region.

Overall, Sherbrooke Village provides a captivating and educational experience for visitors of all ages. It offers a unique glimpse into the past, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history and charm of a 19th-century Nova Scotian village.

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