Puntarenas is a province located in the west of Costa Rica, known for the city of Puntarenas, which is also its capital. Located on the country’s Pacific coast, this region is famous for its natural beauty, beaches and natural reserves.

Puntarenas is famous for its beautiful beaches and turquoise sea. Popular beach resorts such as Jaco, Montezuma, Santa Teresa and Manuel Antonio are popular spots for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. These beaches are also rich in wildlife and home to sea turtles, seabirds and other marine life.

In the interior of Puntarenas, there are spectacular natural parks and protected areas. Manuel Antonio National Park is famous for its biodiversity and tropical rainforest. Here you can hike, observe wildlife and relax on beautiful beaches. You can also travel to Puntarenas to discover other natural wonders such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano and Corcovado National Park.

Puntarenas is also a region of Costa Rica famous for its seafood. There are many seafood restaurants along the coast and you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fresh seafood. The province also has local markets and handicraft shops, where you can find items such as handmade products, local artwork and traditional dresses.

Puntarenas is a great place to discover the natural beauty of Costa Rica and enjoy a tropical vacation. If you want to observe the wildlife, relax on the beach, do water sports or experience the local culture, Puntarenas is a great option for you.

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