Kyrenia is a historical and touristic city located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is also known as “Kyrenia” in English. Kyrenia is surrounded by the magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its historical and natural beauties. Here is some information about Kyrenia:

Historical Significance: Kyrenia has been inhabited since ancient times. The city has been under the rule of various civilisations such as Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians and Ottomans. For this reason, there are many historical and archaeological remains in Kyrenia, such as Kyrenia Castle, Ancient Kition and Bellapais Monastery.

Kyrenia Harbour: Kyrenia has a magnificent natural harbour. The harbour is a historic and tourist attraction and is home to many restaurants, cafes and shops. Popular activities include strolling along the harbour, watching the beautiful yachts and boats or dining in restaurants famous for their seafood.

Bellapais Village and Monastery: Located just outside Kyrenia, Bellapais Village is a charming residential area. The village is famous for its historic stone houses and narrow streets. Bellapais Monastery is a monastery complex built in Gothic style. The monastery impresses visitors with its architecture and view.

Olive groves and vineyards: Kyrenia region is famous for its olive groves and vineyards. Olive oil and wine production in these regions is an indispensable part of local flavours. Visitors can visit the vineyard houses and taste wine or take pleasant walks in the olive groves.

Beaches: Kyrenia is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Beaches such as Escape Beach, Alagadi Beach and Golden Bay Beach are ideal places for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. You can also spend a quiet and peaceful day exploring the hidden beaches in the surrounding bays.

Historic Hotels and Restaurants: Kyrenia is also famous for its historical hotels and restaurants. Many old stone houses have been restored and converted into boutique hotels and offer guests a unique experience. These historical hotels provide comfortable accommodation while preserving their original architecture.

The restaurants offer a wide range of flavours from traditional Cypriot cuisine to international cuisine. Especially seafood dishes are prepared with fresh and delicious ingredients from the rich marine resources of Cyprus. In addition, cafes and bars in the city also offer a lively nightlife.

Kyrenia is also a city where various festivals are organised. For example, the Bellapais Music Festival fascinates visitors with classical music concerts at the Bellapais Monastery. In addition, events such as the Kyrenia Orange Festival and the Local Wine Festival also revitalise the cultural life in the city.

Kyrenia is a destination full of historical and natural beauties, beaches, flavours and festivals. Visitors can explore the historical sites, relax on the beautiful beaches, taste the local delicacies and have a unique experience.

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